Disappearing in you

O Beloved of the heart! Creator of all that exists! You who encourage behind the atoms, who drive the dancing journey of the galaxies! You who sustain the innumerable forms of life and who feed the fire of the most distant suns!

Let us remove the shell of pride that covers our hearts so that we can feel your embrace in the midst of everyday life. Help us to feel your steps as evening falls in the garden of our life. Let the rain of Your grace fall, send the thunder of Your Spirit, silence the noise of our mind with the wind of Your love.

Help us to remember that it is You whom we love behind the multiple desires that bind us. Soothe our dryness with the water of wonder and return to our eyes the look we had as children. Allow us to recognize you in others and to ignore the apparent differences. Sacralize our steps and give us light to be officiants in the ceremony of the moment.

Make our whole life part of the cosmic liturgy, use our steps to manifest Yourself in the world, consume our petty mood so that we may, once and for all, disappear in You.


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