The grotto of the heart

“Attention strengthens that to which it is applied.” This phrase struck me at the time. Then it appeared formulated in a similar way in other areas, at different times in different situations. I sensed it was expressing an open secret; that which is at hand, which is marvelous and which we tend to miss.

The point where we focus our attention constitutes “our world” and it widens or narrows, it deepens, becomes larger and expands depending on what that attention is encouraged by. Where does my attention go? What impulse guides it? The issues and objects to which we pay attention are like the threads with which we then spin the fabric of our lives. What texture will my world settle on?

Christmas can be an opportunity to discover Jesus in our heart. Christ lives in us but usually we do not realize it. We have become accustomed to think about Him, to hear about Him, to read about Him and to evoke Him through the various images that His memory evokes in us. And that’s all perfectly fine. But… how come He lives in our heart?

When we value the intention more than the outcome of the action; when we pay attention to the best qualities of other people; when in one situation we see the possibility rather than the difficulty; we begin to discover a certain inner strength that is not nourished by what is changeable. It is like a breeze of fresh air that cleans a musty room. It is not something complex, it is the heart becoming a grotto, a manger, a place for the Light that comes into the world.

God came but is still coming. Jesus was born but is yet to be born. It is something very vast that penetrates the world and wraps it. It is an immense mystery that God becomes man. To attend to the peace that is always present in the depths of the heart is an everlasting Christmas.

Dear friends, brothers and sisters of the heart, may you have a very merry Christmas! We send you a big hug for what we have shared this year. In a quick glance the images of all that we have experienced appear and then, very thankful, we call upon the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus.


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